YouTube comedy week: fun for all

I first saw ads for YouTube comedy week and was intrigued. The idea of all these comedy names on YouTube coming together and collaborating sounded like a great idea to me. While the commercials were a little over promising (Rainn Wilson was right,) comedy week still stands as a cool idea that has brought both funny and not so funny videos that have flooded my subscription feed.

The week has indeed been a funny one, I will give them that. With so many videos to watch and channels I’ve been introduced to, I will surely be stuck to my computer for the next month. Videos range from a video mocking Mumford and sons (start a Mumford band) to an all nighter hosted by College Humor, and each are filled with hilarity. You have quite a of funny music videos, and a video I recommend is the music video for Miles Fisher’s “Finish What We Started,” a very eighties tune that I’ve purchased.

You can barely ever go wrong here, but there’s one video I’ve heard bad things about, it comes from Michael Cera, called “Gregory Go Boom.” I’m a fan of Michael but apparently the video he posted (which I haven’t seen yet) is incredibly dark and while “dark humor” still counts for comedy week, the video is getting negative feedback; watch at your own risk.

Comedy week is proving to be a good idea, and I’m it will make a return I’m the future. List your favorite video so far in the comment section!


Fall Out Boy are streaming new album


Fall out boy has started streaming they’re new album entitled “Save Rock and Roll.” I have only started to listen but so far I like it, I will have an official review when it releases on iTunes next Tuesday. The only thing that has struck me so far is that the album title is deceiving; the album is a mix of rock but more on an alternative/ poppy side I things. Nevertheless, it’s quite interesting and features some rather unusual guest artists such as big Sean, foxes, Courtney love and even Elton John.

I’m enjoying the album, so my review already seems to be on the positive side, but I’ll have a review out on Tuesday! Here’s a link to the sound loud stream (the album can also be found on YouTube) let me k ow your thoughts on the album!

soundcloud album stream