The Xbox One: What Is This I Don’t Even…

Oh Microsoft. You were the chosen one, out of all the consoles from the current generation, the Xbox 360 is the most purchased. There’s so much you could do, and instead you debut The Xbox One.

So as the above paragraph states, Microsoft held their press conference the other day and debuted their next gen console, The Xbox One. The device serves as a cable box, a social media device, and can do oh so much more except what it’s meant to do: play video games. There will be games obviously, but MS was in no real way interested in letting gamers know what is to come; they also mentioned Xbox One will not (as of now) play 360 games nor used games apparently, and kinect is required. As one can tell, the Internet blew up, with much criticism:
If the images are any hint, MS is in trouble if they don’t change their plans. The “Xbros” will buy anything with the Xbox logo on it, but I see behind the gimmicks and see that even the few games they showed are still in need of work, such as the new Call of Duty Ghosts.

20130524-105401.jpg you’ve gotta be kidding me.

If nothing changes, I’m staying with my 360; at least Grand Theft Auto 5 will be on that. If I got a new gen system, it’d probably be a Playstation 4. That’s all for now, in the meantime: