Sneak peak of album

Quick update: I’m almost done with my ep that’s due out on June 4th. I’m thinking I may have to delay it another week but it will be out very soon, and today I wanted to show a little clip of one of the songs off the EP “Basement EP.” The song title for this clip is “Stupid Pretty Girl (At Least I Didn’t Drop Your Name” and I like the work I did on this one, I’m hoping for a good release in the coming weeks!

sneak peak


Three comeback bands

In the past month, three bands have gotten back together either for reunion tours or for actually erring back into the music business. So in case you’re liking one of these bands, then you should be having a good day.

First band to reunite is hard rock group Breaking Benjamin. The story behind these guys is a little tricky but essentially, two members left the band claiming they didn’t get paid for a song the band had done. This eventually led to a law suit with the bands frontman, and now a few years later, the lawsuit has been settled and the band is back together. I am almost sure that the two members who sued Ben are no longer in but I just know they are reunited. I am also unsure as to if they are touring soon or releasing any new material.

Second band whom I’ve mentioned on this blog is Neutral Milk Hotel. The indie folk grouphave been apart ever since Jeff Mangum had a anxiety attack while on tour in 1998, promoting the album “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.” 15 years later the ban is back together and have a reunion tour in the U.S. and I must say: if you’re wanting to go, you better be quick on that mouse when buying tickets because these guys are selling out almost every place they are going in under and hour.

Third band on the list is the rock group Matchbox 20. Unfortunately for me, I know little to nothing about this comeback except that it had happened. There are no details as to if any new material will release but if I could take a guess I would assume fans can expect something.

That’s all in this quick little update!

Mainstream Mention: Imagine Dragons

Today I’ll be giving a quick rundown of a “mainstream” artist that’s worth checking out, this is probably going to be a new thing I’ll do.

Today’s artist and first entry in the series is the indie pop/rock band Imagine Dragons. By now most people have probably heard of this group, considering I can hear their single “Radioactive” blasting through all the car radios I pass by on the street. As much as that particular song is played, I have to admit that the band is pretty good.

They are fairly new on the music scene, and they only have one release out; the album “Night Visions.” I listened to the whole thing and I personally like it, it’s good music coming from a band whose sound I can only describe as a “heavier” version of Coldplay. Some of my favorite tracks are “radioactive,” “it’s time,”and “demons.” The band is certainly worth listening to if you have the chance to.