Sneak peak of album

Quick update: I’m almost done with my ep that’s due out on June 4th. I’m thinking I may have to delay it another week but it will be out very soon, and today I wanted to show a little clip of one of the songs off the EP “Basement EP.” The song title for this clip is “Stupid Pretty Girl (At Least I Didn’t Drop Your Name” and I like the work I did on this one, I’m hoping for a good release in the coming weeks!

sneak peak


Review: The Greatest Generation by The Wonder Years

Bottom line: 4.5 out of 5

The Wonder Years have been around since 2007 and I only found them a few months ago. There first release was an effort entitled “Get Stoked On It!” And to the band and lead singer Dan “soupy” Campbell, the album was considered a joke. This album made the band a laughing stock in the beginning of their career, and they’ve been growing and maturing ever since.

6 years and 3 releases later, the band has release their 4th and most mature album to date. The album runs 13 tracks (including a 7:35 closer) and contains strong lyrics and vocals, as well as top performances from the rest of the band. Opening up with “There, There” the record starts off with a kicking opener with Dan singing “I’m sorry I don’t laugh at the right times.”

Memorable lyrics are all over TGG, taking references of world war 2 to help symbolize and establish metaphors about growing up an out of the teen years. One of the my favorite lines comes from “Passing Through a Screen Door,” where a conflicted Dan yells “I’m 26, all the people I graduated with, all have kids, all have wives, all have people that care if they come home at night.” The lines of the album all have this theme to it, of becoming to old to stay a kid, and seeing everyone you know move on with life.

The album closes in a way that I only wish happened more often. The final track is “I Just Wanna Sell Out my Funeral” and considering the song is over 7 minutes long (very long for pop punk,) and is a great track, is amazing. Halfway through the track, the band allures back to the hooks and lines of the other songs of the record, meshing together everything that made the album what it is. The lines, when put all together at once, is one of the best moments I’ve ever heard in music; some listeners have stated they had shed tears, and I have to admit I came close at points.

This record is a gem in the genre of pop punk, simply put. The only song I found myself not liking was “Madelyn,” and that’s solely due to me not liking the recording style of it. If you like punk music, this is a must have album. If you’re not a fan it still is worth having a listen, though I can’t guarantee your reactions will be the same as mine. But hey, some music isn’t for everyone, and while this is not the greatest generation, this is most certainly the greatest Wonder Years album.

Good Weather, Music Better

I live in Ohio, where we go through day to day life wondering what the weather will bring. The weather is predictable once summer rolls around, but Ohio doesn’t seem to have spring in our cycle of seasons. That being said, warm weather is starting to return here in good ol’ Cincinnati, and I have started to listen to a brand of music that always seems to put me in a good mood.

The genre I have been obsessing over for a long time is known as pop punk; it’s fast paced and in most cases, generally happy sounding. Now with the weather slowly returning to warm and sunny, I find that my pandora stations are being invaded with various pop punk bands that make my walks between classes more enjoyable. Music usually gives me a problem to relate to when it’s winter time, but recently I’ve been busting out these songs and find myself to be a happier person.

So what I thought I’d do today is just list some not so well known bands in case you may want to see just exactly what it is I’ve hyped about the last two paragraphs.

First one is a band on the poppier side of things, We Are The In Crowd. I discovered these guys about half a year ago, with their latest release known as “Best Intentions.” They are lead by two vocalists, Taylor Jardine and Jordan Eckes. I love the guy and girl singing aspect of it all, and they offer up some great songs that are incredibly catchy in my own opinion. I suggest checking out their first release, “Guaranteed to Disagree.”


Next up is a group that takes their name from a classic tv sitcom; ladies as gentlemen, The Wonder Years. My friend introduced me to this band in the winter, but I haven’t truly gotten into them until now. On my pandora radio I listen to them most often now, mainly cause they provide fast paced punk rock with lyrics about being a teenager in suburbia. All of their work sounds really good and amazing for fair weather and driving, but I’d suggest their album “The Upsides.”

There are so many other bands out there and I won’t take the time to name them all, but they’re perfect since spring is here and summer will be here before you know it. So take the time to relax and enjoy some good driving music.