Summer: The Time of Greatness

I have finished marching in my towns Memorial Day parade. I am sitting outside my house, on my porch, in my rocking chair, currently do two things: waiting for my friend to deliver a microphone to me, and enjoying the weather given to my town on this beautiful Monday afternoon. And while I sniffle due to my allergies and the lack of me taking a Zyrtec, I can’t help but admire *sniff* the space around me. As I sit here, I can only imagine what the summer before my senior year will bring to me.

I know time has now passed since I started writing, but this day has made me think about what summer will be like. For those who don’t know, my first music project, a self titles album known as “the basement EP,” will be out in June and my hope is to play some coffee shops over the summer to promote it. I have a lot of friends graduating this year who I’ve got I see before they head off. This will be a busy summer for me, and hopefully it will be the best one yet.

My challenge to all out there: go out and enjoy your free time. Find some good music and let those songs preserve the memories that you will make. It sounds cheesy, I know, but hey I think it’s some good advice. This isn’t really a music post but I felt like I needed to say something about this great day. Also to sell myself out-the basement EP will be available for streaming on soundcloud, YouTube, and if I can do so I will post it for free download on sellout done.


Star Trek Into Darkness: KHANNNNNNNN

Today I went with my father to see Star Trek Into Darkness, due to the fact that my dad is a big Star Trek fan and I was looking forward to seeing the sequel as well. I won’t reveal or spoil anything, but I did want to talk about the movie in this post.

Before I say anything, just know that this movie is worth seeing, it is an incredible film. It was well written, well directed, and was full of action and suspense all the way through. I liked the acting and the emotion conveyed by the cast; there are many good things to say about this movie. In action films, I always like to see what a villain is like; they make up so much of the story and how well the story is. And in STID, Khan (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is an incredible character played by a very good actor.

I always judge a villain by how much they make me hate them throughout the film, it sounds weird but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. You don’t want to see the heroes win when the enemy is just an average guy or just isn’t “evil.” In movies you WANT to hate the bad guy, and you want the goo guys to win. Khan is of no exception in Star Trek-I wanted to hurt the guy, and he didn’t even do anything to me. I can’t say why I hated Khan so much because that would involve a lot of spoilers, and nobody wants that. All I will say, is that Khan is one evil dude, and if you’re like me, you’ll love to hate him in the movie.

Khan is evil, Star Trek is good, that’s the point I’m trying to make here. Khan (for me at least) stands among the ranks of great villains such as Christopher Nolan’s version of the joker, Doctor Who’s “The Master,” and The Governor of The Walking Dead. List your favorite villain in the comments below if you feel inclined, add more ideas to the list of good villains.

I’m Gonna Need Some Money

There’s always one problem when you have a very large amount of bands you listen to, and that’s that you most likely won’t have enough money when TWY decide to come out with something new. This is especially hard when, in my case, a lot of the bands I like are releasing something this year. Anytime I go on a music site I have the same reaction of “oh news about *insert band here* I wonder what…another album??”

You see, I don’t even have a job yet and so I have no money. This is always disappointing because among the other things I can’t purchase, if a band I like releases something, there’s little chance I’ll be getting it anytime soon. But either way, there are several bands coming out with something this year, and I thought I’d put in my favorites.

1st on the list is the pop punk/hardcore outfit A Day to Remember. I became a fan of them a little over a year ago, mainly in part to the latest release “What Separates Me From You” and the two covers they do of the The Fray and Kelly Clarkson. They plan on releasing something new this summer, and (technically) two songs have been shown before hand. The first track came out a while ago, entitled “Violence,” and is a very dark song with a lot of screaming in it. The second song has been leaked via someone recording said track when ADTR previewed the song among some record executives in studio. I can’t quite remember what the title is, I do know that I enjoyed it more than I did with Violence. I’m excited for the new record and I hope it is dropping soon.

The other band is….guess who-We Are The In Crowd. I’ve been psyched for their 2013 release but rather than seeing any actual music from the new album, I’ve seen many covers. Either way, I’m looking forward to the album. There ya go-short, sweet, and to the point.

I’ve heard other little gossips, such as blink 182 working on something, but that is very early in works. In local news, Cincinnati band Let it Happen has been working on a second album. I highly recommend listening to their first release “It Hurts But It’s Worth It,” it is very good and available on iTunes.

Anything you’re excited for? Let me know in the comments!

The Xbox One: What Is This I Don’t Even…

Oh Microsoft. You were the chosen one, out of all the consoles from the current generation, the Xbox 360 is the most purchased. There’s so much you could do, and instead you debut The Xbox One.

So as the above paragraph states, Microsoft held their press conference the other day and debuted their next gen console, The Xbox One. The device serves as a cable box, a social media device, and can do oh so much more except what it’s meant to do: play video games. There will be games obviously, but MS was in no real way interested in letting gamers know what is to come; they also mentioned Xbox One will not (as of now) play 360 games nor used games apparently, and kinect is required. As one can tell, the Internet blew up, with much criticism:
If the images are any hint, MS is in trouble if they don’t change their plans. The “Xbros” will buy anything with the Xbox logo on it, but I see behind the gimmicks and see that even the few games they showed are still in need of work, such as the new Call of Duty Ghosts.

20130524-105401.jpg you’ve gotta be kidding me.

If nothing changes, I’m staying with my 360; at least Grand Theft Auto 5 will be on that. If I got a new gen system, it’d probably be a Playstation 4. That’s all for now, in the meantime:


Sneak peak of album

Quick update: I’m almost done with my ep that’s due out on June 4th. I’m thinking I may have to delay it another week but it will be out very soon, and today I wanted to show a little clip of one of the songs off the EP “Basement EP.” The song title for this clip is “Stupid Pretty Girl (At Least I Didn’t Drop Your Name” and I like the work I did on this one, I’m hoping for a good release in the coming weeks!

sneak peak

YouTube comedy week: fun for all

I first saw ads for YouTube comedy week and was intrigued. The idea of all these comedy names on YouTube coming together and collaborating sounded like a great idea to me. While the commercials were a little over promising (Rainn Wilson was right,) comedy week still stands as a cool idea that has brought both funny and not so funny videos that have flooded my subscription feed.

The week has indeed been a funny one, I will give them that. With so many videos to watch and channels I’ve been introduced to, I will surely be stuck to my computer for the next month. Videos range from a video mocking Mumford and sons (start a Mumford band) to an all nighter hosted by College Humor, and each are filled with hilarity. You have quite a of funny music videos, and a video I recommend is the music video for Miles Fisher’s “Finish What We Started,” a very eighties tune that I’ve purchased.

You can barely ever go wrong here, but there’s one video I’ve heard bad things about, it comes from Michael Cera, called “Gregory Go Boom.” I’m a fan of Michael but apparently the video he posted (which I haven’t seen yet) is incredibly dark and while “dark humor” still counts for comedy week, the video is getting negative feedback; watch at your own risk.

Comedy week is proving to be a good idea, and I’m it will make a return I’m the future. List your favorite video so far in the comment section!

Three comeback bands

In the past month, three bands have gotten back together either for reunion tours or for actually erring back into the music business. So in case you’re liking one of these bands, then you should be having a good day.

First band to reunite is hard rock group Breaking Benjamin. The story behind these guys is a little tricky but essentially, two members left the band claiming they didn’t get paid for a song the band had done. This eventually led to a law suit with the bands frontman, and now a few years later, the lawsuit has been settled and the band is back together. I am almost sure that the two members who sued Ben are no longer in but I just know they are reunited. I am also unsure as to if they are touring soon or releasing any new material.

Second band whom I’ve mentioned on this blog is Neutral Milk Hotel. The indie folk grouphave been apart ever since Jeff Mangum had a anxiety attack while on tour in 1998, promoting the album “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.” 15 years later the ban is back together and have a reunion tour in the U.S. and I must say: if you’re wanting to go, you better be quick on that mouse when buying tickets because these guys are selling out almost every place they are going in under and hour.

Third band on the list is the rock group Matchbox 20. Unfortunately for me, I know little to nothing about this comeback except that it had happened. There are no details as to if any new material will release but if I could take a guess I would assume fans can expect something.

That’s all in this quick little update!