Guess Who’s Made My Headlines Again?

I love the artists that can give me stuff to talk about on this blog, I just love it.

The pop star Bieber is at it again. This is rare for a simple 19 year old to conjure up such a series of unfortunate events, in such a short period of time. This occurrence, Justin was booed while receiving an award at the billboard award ceremony, and the reasons for all the “hate” can be numerous. Maybe it was the way he was dressed in all his “swag” and stood in a pretentious manner? Or perhaps, it was the award he actually won.

The Milestone Award for Music Ingenuity and Innovation

Forgive me, but I don’t think anyone out there right now deserves an award like that; you need to be original, and not a cookie cutter pop star. Pop is undeniably the most repetitive and copied genre in music, and while I like some of it, I can’t say any of it is full of “ingenuity and innovation.”

But I digress.

So Justin peruses up the stage to accept the award amongst cheers in the front of the arena. The problem is that these cheers are overshadowed by the overwhelming boos from the rest of the crowd. Bieber is somewhat shocked, and just stands at the mic for 30 seconds, allowing the crowd to die down.

Then he gives his speech; Oh lord, that speech. Justin tries to fight back the booing as he thanks his fans for the award, and how he’s “19 years old and doing pretty good.” He goes on about how it ( whatever “it” is) should be about the “craft and art that I create for you.” He makes his thank yous to his mom, dad, and finally, Jesus Christ, then walks off stage with the crowd sill going frantic.

Maybe it was the booing, but I haven’t seen a speech as fake as this in a king time. It had all the generic points made in an acceptance speech, and it would have been decent if JB put at least a little emotion into it. He delivers the speech in a way that comes across as arrogant and cocky, with no genuine appreciation for the award. It makes me wonder why he seemed shocked that he was booed at.

The arrogance of this kid annoys me, but hey, if I were 19 and had 5 number one hits, maybe a small award wouldn’t matter to me. That said, I’d at least act appreciative and would not have the bland attitude of a spoiled child. Oh Justin, when will you learn? Keep this attitude up and you’ll surely fade out of the spotlight.

look at Biebs go


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