The Customer is Wrong: Kitchen Nightmares

I personally have never been a fan of cooking shows or reality shows. Reality shows usually are always scripted in some way and cooking makes me hungry. But the other day my friend showed me an episode of a tv show called “Kitchen Nightmares,” a show where famous chef Gordon Ramsay goes to help restaurants that need improvement. My friend told me this episode he linked was gaining popularity and sparking conversation on sites such as reddit, so I decided to take a look. The episode, about a restaurant called “Amy’s Baking Company,” seemed pretty normal at first.

That’s when I watched the people who ran the restaurant. Oh my word.

You have Amy, a young woman who “Always had a calling for the culinary arts,” and married a “playboy gangsta” named Samy, who invested a million dollars into a restaurant for Amy to pursue her “calling.” And thus, Amy’s Baking Company was born.

Now it sounds like a great story right? Well it would be if it weren’t for a few problems: Amy can’t cook anything other than cake, and she can’t take an ounce of criticism.

So the restaurant is owned by the couple and run by them, alongside the staff they seem to shuffle out every month due to their employees being “out of control.” Ramsay shows up to find out what the problem is and finds that the issue isn’t a dirty restaurant of bad staff; it’s bad owners. Amy and Samy don’t believe the customer is always right; if they’re food is criticized or people complain about the long wait (this happens all the time Apparently,) Samy flips out on the customer, tells them they’re wrong, and kicks them out, sometimes in a violent fashion.

You have to watch for yourself, but I can tell you I’ve never seen a group of business owners quite like them, and I believe mot of this isn’t scripted…I don’t know anyone who could write a story like this. Ramsay does his best to fix the company, but to see the outcome you should watch the episode. Amy and Samy complained about how bloggers criticized them, so I guess I’ll make a shout out to them; here’s another “hater” that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Watch their episode and let me know what you think about the restaurant!


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