The Lonely Island: Wack Wednesdays

Recently the parody rap group, The Lonely Crew, came out with news that they were releasing a new album on June 7th entitled “The Wack Album.” In light of the recent news from the group made famous by Saturday Night Live, they also have given fans more stuff to be excited about, with the promise of a YouTube weekly update that showcases songs from the album, known as “Wack Wednesdays.”

This series has been going on for two weeks now, and with that means two singles that have been released to the public. The first track, entitled “Spring Break Anthem,” has already been released to iTunes and features many stars in the video; celebrities such as James Franco, Zack Galifianakis, and Edward Norton. The video is also filled with the typical antics of TLI and the song certainly has a “wacky” feel to it.

Yesterday the second installment of Wack Wednesdays was released and (in my own opinion) does not meet the standards of a typical Lonely Island song. The song is entitled “I ****** my aunt,” and the lyrics are just what you’d expect them to be about. While the song is outrageous in lyrics and includes T-Pain, the song just doesn’t seem to carry the comedy factor the last song had; this song of incest just comes out as plain stupid.

But hey, that’s just my own opinion.

You can follow the bands YouTube channel to keep up to date, and let me know what you think of the two latest songs in the comments below. I’ve been a fan of TLI for a while now, and with that comes a certain set of expectations. But then again, they’re a parody group; there’s no way of treating this album like it’ll win a Grammy.


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