Mainstream Mention: Imagine Dragons

Today I’ll be giving a quick rundown of a “mainstream” artist that’s worth checking out, this is probably going to be a new thing I’ll do.

Today’s artist and first entry in the series is the indie pop/rock band Imagine Dragons. By now most people have probably heard of this group, considering I can hear their single “Radioactive” blasting through all the car radios I pass by on the street. As much as that particular song is played, I have to admit that the band is pretty good.

They are fairly new on the music scene, and they only have one release out; the album “Night Visions.” I listened to the whole thing and I personally like it, it’s good music coming from a band whose sound I can only describe as a “heavier” version of Coldplay. Some of my favorite tracks are “radioactive,” “it’s time,”and “demons.” The band is certainly worth listening to if you have the chance to.


One thought on “Mainstream Mention: Imagine Dragons

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