Better Beliebe it: Another Bieber Blunder

I know it seems like I’m out to get Justin Bieber, but honestly it just seems to be a bad year for the poor kid. First came his London freak out, then came his out of place comment at the Anne Frank house, and now we can add a concert incident to the list that seems to keep building upon itself.

So here we have Justin performing his hit “believe” in concert the other day when he is rushed mid performance by a screaming fan. The belieber plus Justin from his keys, but before any further damage can be done, one of the stage hands tackles the fan. Unfortunately for them, the guard not only tackles the fan, but takes Justin and, of all things, the piano with him. In the video you see the piano collapse down the steps, almost as if it were a cardboard cutout in a furniture store.

But here’s where we have the not so shocking kicker: as all of this is going on, the piano and vocals are not slipping a beat.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the big pop star of the new decade lip syncs, but it’s things like this that prove lip syncing is bad. It’s even worse that he was faking the piano as well, after the truth is revealed I was starting to think the piano was cardboard after all. After this short period of time that the Biebs has been in the spotlight, it seems he’s hitting the decline that happens to all pop stars. I just hope for the sake of the stars dignity ( that is slowly dwindling) that he can pick himself up and take appropriate action for once.

stage rush video


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