Prom night (not music related)

For those who do not live in my local area, tonight happens to be my high schools prom night. I for one am not going to prom but to after prom, an event that is actually better loved by the students than prom itself. But I digress, tonight I’d like to take a moment to be serious.

This week I talked to my father a lot about responsibility, and he told me something that has really stuck with me in light of what I see around me.

there are two types of mistakes in this world: mistakes of the mind, and mistakes of the heart.

He described to me what each one was; mistakes of the mind are little slip ups, such as forgetting an appointment or something such as that, while a mistake of the heart is when you know what you’re going to do is wrong, but you do it still. I sat over this and realized it stands to be so very true, and it’s good that I get to hear this before tonight.

For all those out there tonight who are wanting an amazing evening, I hope you get what you want, but please listen to that advice. Recently I’ve seen people I know do incredibly stupid things that will haunt them the rest of their life. Really think about the choices you make as the night turns to the morning, you don’t know the repercussions that may follow.

I wish everyone a safe and happy prom, have yourselves a lively evening!


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