Why I Don’t Like the Doctor Who Season Finale Leak


Recently I came across this photo that advertises the season 7 finale of Doctor Who. This is the massively popular BBC tv show that has captured the hearts of not just British natives, but many Americans as well. I’m a huge fan of the show, and seeing this poster has irked me ever so slightly, and if you’re a fan like me, I would think you’d be the same.

You see, a running plot point of the show is that Doctor Who’s main star is simply known as “The Doctor,” an alien (known as a time lord) who never reveals his name throughout the series; hence the running gag of “The Doctor? Doctor who?” shouted by so many different characters, from which the tv show’s name originates from. He is meant to be the same person as the very first incarnation of The Doctor that existed at the shows start in 1963. After fifty years of keeping The Doctor as this legend and myth, the producers have wanted to decide to reveal the Doctors birth name.

To me, this is annoying for a few reasons. The first being that with the name revealed, the show name might as well change in general. Doctor Who will have to be changed to Doctor “insert name here.” But in reality, the problem with this decision is more than just a long running gag gone after fifty years.

Think of it like a magician. What happens when a magician reveals its secrets? the magic trick is now simply an illusion and isn’t fun anymore. The “magic” that existed in the trick is gone, cause now you know all you can know. It’s like this with the name of The Doctor. If you give people the name of this entity that has lasted ever since the shows conception, the magic and wonder of The Doctor leaves, never to come back again. The show simply has no point anymore.

To any person who hasn’t seen the show may think of this as a stupid post that makes little sense, but I hope fans of the show (and even non fans) know where I’m coming from. I understand that the show creators and producers wanted to go big for the finale with this being 50 years of Doctor Who, but I feel they could go with something a little less extreme.


One thought on “Why I Don’t Like the Doctor Who Season Finale Leak

  1. I’m hoping that it may be revealed to a few characters but overall not to the audience – it’s the only compromise I see at this time. Although it’s great to see the Great Intelligence almost best the Doctor for this episode. 😛

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