Justin Bieber Strikes Again

Just Bieber is at it again. If his breakdown in London wasn’t enough to get the media’s attention, his newest antic is bound to attract more controversy.

He recently visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam while on his latest tour, and left to come across his many fans waiting for him (a good bunch probably oblivious to who the WWII Jewish hero even was.) According to the Facebook page of the Anne Frank house, he wrote in the guest book, with a line that sparked much controversy as follows:

truly inspiring to be able I come here. Anne was a great girl, hopefully she would’ve been a belieber.

At first I read this and started laughing a little, cause at first glance, it’s a humorous thing to hear Justin use his self made term and Anne Frank in the same sentence. But the more I hear about it, the more I realize one thing: it’s quite the insensitive thing to write. The writing in the book carries this level of narcissism I haven’t encountered in a long time. Out of all the things to write about in a guest book in the home of a WWII hero, and Justin is only left HOPING Anne Frank may have liked his oh so wonderful top 40 radio singles (take that sentence in with a ridiculous amount of sarcasm.)

I really don’t know who deserves the most sympathy in this situation. You have Bieber who has made another splash in the media for all the wrong reasons, and isn’t escaping the paparazzi’s firm grip they have on his feminine frame. You could have sympathy for Anne Frank’s legacy and the people running the house who had to deal with the situation.

Honestly, I just feel pity. Pity for the Bieber fans, to which twitter was blowing up with posts wondering why Justin picked a “big nosed Jewish girl” as a new girlfriend. I’m not kidding, people thought she was still alive and together with Justin. It’s stuff like this that makes me weep at the fact I’m in one of the stupidest generations in history. This level of stupidity is ridiculous and needs to stop.



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