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Apple runs music it seems. For years I had never owned an apple device of any kind, I always used an MP3 player and got my music from amazon or from buying CDs.

I still use CDs, but back in December I finally gave in and got an iPhone, the iPhone I’m using to type this right now. I have to admit that having a smartphone is great, and an iPhone is simple for me to use, but iTunes places an issue to a typical teenager like me, one with no money. Just yesterday I got 25 dollars in my account and now it will be just about gone by Tuesday. So this is an article to help those like me who want to get more use out of their money.

I have one rule I always stick by: if it’s helpful, buy the whole album. For me I listen to full albums because I never know how many songs I will like. After listening to an album, I find the songs I like, and if it’s cheaper to buy the album rather than all the songs you like, but the album. It’s worth it economically, and you may just find yourself enjoying more songs on that album than you expected.

The second tip: I suggest looking to places outside of iTunes for album reviews if you’re not sure on buying something. There are those user reviews on iTunes, but in my opinion I can never find one that doesn’t do one of the following: say the album is the best album in the history of mankind and give it a 5, or say that the band in general sucks and give it a 1. Go to websites for more honest reviews that don’t usually have as much bias as someone who probably pre ordered an album before hearing a single song (oh, that person probably wrote the review before hearing anything too.)

To be honest, that last tip came from a situation I encountered last night. I went to pre order Paramore’s self titled album out on Tuesday. I’ve heard the album already (it streamed on Paramore’s website) and while I pre ordered the album, I hold in my mind the album could be better….but I’ll handle that next week. I still like the album which is why I bought it, but I was annoyed at seeing reviews of the album posted before the stream finished who were giving 5 stars and saying it’s the best thing in the world. Some may disagree with this, but I find those reviewers to be just a tad bit blinded.

Anyway, I digress. Look up reviews of an album outside of iTunes, but be on the lookout for short reviews, those usually don’t have much evidence to back up a rating. That’s all I have to give, I hope you’ve all been learned. Thank you, now I’m off to listen to an EP I bought by We Are The In Crowd, and I suggest checking out. Gosh iTunes cash runs out fast.



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