The MCR/FOB Dilemma

Well I know I’m a little late to the party, but in recent music news: Fall Out Boy got back together, and My Chemical Romance recently broke up a little over a week ago, devastating many of MCR’s fans. The break up is a little bit of a disappointment to me; I would listen to them occasionally, and I was interested to hear this rumored fifth album they were making. We also have Fall Out Boy releasing a new album very soon as well.

What I’ve been able to discern from this recent news is simply this: the world can only handle one punk/emo band at a time. FOB has been gone since 2008 and since then, MCR has released one full length album that didn’t receive the best of reviews, and they released 5 EP’s, each containing 2 songs only (called the “weapons of destruction” series.) Maybe some higher being called MCR and was like “You guys have done too much, you gotta get out of here, world can’t handle another album this soon!” And so, with that band out of the scene, Fall Out Boy could attempt to try and make their Comeback of the Year (yes that’s a song pun, yes I know it was terrible.)

So now we wait and see what Fall Out Boy has to offer, in the meantime, might I suggest that if you weren’t a big MCR fan, watch some fan reaction videos to their breakup. Those things are hysterical. I for one don’t have major interest in either band, but I’m going to keep my eye on things and see if any updates occur. Look Alive, Sunshine! (Okay that’s the last one I promise.)



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