Green Day and Paramore at SXSW: Show Impressions


Anyone who knows me should know that Green Day and Paramore are two of my favorite bands. So when I heard that both of them had recently performed at the South by Southwest film and music convention/festival, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to go and talk about the bands that I love. The two bands have both encountered some recent setbacks recently, which made me even more excited to see videos of their performances.

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day had a breakdown on stage at the iheart music festival just before their first album of their “Uno, Dos, Tre” trilogy was to be released. This resulted in low record sales, and Billie was admitted into rehab until just a month ago when he was released. Paramore lost the Farro brothers, Josh and Zac, who helped supply a lot of the writing for the band. Without a lead guitarist and drummer, Paramore went on with Vocalist Hayley Williams, Bassist Jeremy Davis, and guitarist Taylor York. After a year or so, the band recruited the former Angels and Airwaves Drummer Ilan Rubin and together they started recording a new self titled album that is to be released April 9th.

I viewed videos from each performance, and each had it’s own variety of fun. The first band I watched was Green Day, and this was the first show Billie would perform ever since getting out of rehab. It seemed to me the whole time that Billie was “testing the waters” and going at things in a very causal manner, unlike the past shows, but then again, this time he wasn’t hyped up on pills and alcohol and could keep his composure this time around. The band sounded really great and there was good energy coming form he band and crowd, despite having a tamer version of Billie up on stage. Ether way, it’s good to see the band back to finally promote their set of albums.

Then I went on to watch a full performance video of Paramore, and I must say, I was very impressed. I had only heard their drummer perform on the two singles they have released for the album, Still Into You and Now. There was a lot of discussion over Ilan and if he would be a good replacement, and all I have to say is that he does a fantastic job, and i think he will be a good alternate for the new Paramore.

The band itself teemed with energy the entire time, and that’s something I appreciate very much in a concert, cause it isn’t called a “performance” for nothing. I only wish they had a bigger stage to perform on, it would have been cool to see what else he band could have done in a larger setting. The songs sounded really good, but that may have been to the help of all the electronic instrument help that could be shown further in the back of the stage. In the end, I liked the show they gave; Hayley was great and talked to the crowd and kept them participating late into the night, and I only wish I was there in person.

To summarize things, the bands were fantastic, both sounded great and played hard. It was weird to see Billie Joe performing very calmly, but I’m looking forward to seeing what tricks they’ll pull while on tour this year. The Paramore Performance has made me very excited for the upcoming album, and I will hopefully be able to see them on tour if they come to my town.


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