Another Pop Star Loses Their Cool

I’ve been watching the news and going on music websites, and recently it seems the newest story going around is about the one and only Justin Bieber and his recent meltdown that occurred while on his tour in the UK. A brief disclaimer, Justin Bieber is certainly not an artist I care for, I really do not like his music in the slightest, though I found this story about his recent breakdown to be interesting and wanted to learn more.

Before we get into his lashings at the paparazzi, here’s a quick breakdown of what happened (The entirety of the week can be better explained with the article posted below.) First, Mr. Biebs was denied access to a club even though he was old enough to get in. This was due to the fact that the 19-year old wanted to bring in some underage friends who couldn’t come along. Then, Things got worse when the star showed up late for his very own show at the O2 arena. Justin blamed being late on having some breathing issues before the show.

Then you have the final blow. Justin was on his way to his limo when the infamous paparazzi attacked him, telling him to never come back and that he is a terrible musician. The one throwing most of these insults was what the article describes as “a very large and tough-looking member” of the paparazzi. Now, I don’t know about anyone else here, but if I was having a tough week and was being called out by a rather menacing looking photographer, I would be one to just hop in my vehicle and try to avoid any confrontation. Wouldn’t Justin Bieber want to do the same?

No. In a surprise move, good little Justin Bieber throws a complete 180 and starts to threaten the man.

This results in what I could only find as a rather funny and unusual outburst. I can see Justin telling the man he would beat him up, meanwhile swearing up a storm, something I personally have NEVER seen this pop star do. It’s quite amusing in one of the videos I have seen, considering I myself would never even attempt to insult a man who hulks over me in size. I give Justin some major credit for standing up to a man who looks like he could easily knock him out in one punch.

Now the dust is settling form the incident, and Bieber has retreated to the almighty twitter to express his anger. This is where Justin could handle this situation professionally, but he doesn’t. He sends out tweets such as “I am never going back to the UK AGAIN” and “I was working out every morning and had a huge show every night. When people are pushing their camera in your face all day long and yell mean things at you – I’m only human, too.” And while I can see his argument in the stress that comes with touring, he could have handled this better. These tweets come across as very childish in manner, and have the attitude of a child who has just been scolded for the first time. Tantrums are not the way for a 19 year old to react to a “tough” week.

All that being said, I can understand Justin on one thing, and one thing only from this incident. that is the hatred of this thing we have created known as the paparazzi. I think people have a right to live their lives, and it shouldn’t be interrupted by people who want to take pictures of you eating because for some reason we find celebrity lunches to be something to be marveled at. The concept baffles me and I don’t get it one bit, “WOW HE’S EATING A SANDWICH THAT’S SO AWESOME!” is never a statement I have made when I see a photo of a celebrity.

So in conclusion, Justin should learn to handle future incidents with a tad more maturity, and the paparazzi is a strange creation of society.

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